Coptic/English Lexicon

a- about (used with numerals)
aau ass
aiai increase, to increase in size; advance
aiai great, goodly, honored
aiou unknown; travel, go?
aouw cease
au give, bring hither!; come!
au great
au- about
auw and (conj.)
ax- verbal particle
axa and
axa yes, yea
axe stand, need
axe limit; length of life
axh ox
axo storehouse, treasury; treasure
axo dwelling, abode
ab fly
ab flesh
abe unknown
abw cannot be traced?
af flesh
af fly (insect)
afoui flesh
apa title of reverance
ape head
apei dye, purple dye stuff
aphue head (plu.)
a2w2 giant
abh0 unknow, epithet of certain edibles
abwk crow, raven
apous bald from ring worm
aps number
abaqhein glass
abswn mint, wild mint
afjir greedy
abit Monday
apot cup
apalaf incantation?
abin unknown
aberhj stone, a stone
aprhte time, space of time
abrem stone
a0 who? , what? ; certain, whatever
a0 furnace, oven
a0 unknown
a0ai many, to become many, multiply
a0eu astrologers
aas blow with hand
aeik consecration of a church, etc.
ajau unknown
aje blow
ajeu use
aji- say
ajw viper
ajw crook-backed
akw thing destroyed; filth, destruction
aqo armpit
as old
asai relieved, lighten, be light
ask unknown, in sowing contract
ask unknown
asou price, value
asoui purse, wallet
asq unknown, in list of metal objects
aueis give
auqe all together
axkw unknown
a0b unknown
as2oui reign, first year of reign
asaf bark, a plant bark
aspe language, speech
aqbes moisture
a0eben enchanter
asofper nut, a bitter nut
a0kak cry out
akhs girdle, breeches
asik fever? malady
akit unknown
akt solidify, congeal (cause to)
aqote unknown
a5tn- against
axshtan unknown
aklh weasel
aklh unknown, among vessals
asouli butterflies
aujwl swathe
akoulauje vessal
aqolte wagon, cart
a0 nxe how
ajn- without
ajn- head
aqni blemish
aqon vessal of metal
a0ira chameleon
a0iri diligent person (doing much)
aqoour unknown
ashr belongings, chattel
aqrhn barren female
at- liquids, used before liquids
at- father
ato multitude
atxhu senseless, without mind
auht collection; company of persons
atsw without drinking
atsw ignorant
atswtn disobedience
atqom powerless, unable
atsooun ignorant, to be ignorant
acht senseless, without mind
axatwtf unknown (list of towels)
ateime ignorant, innocent
ateimi ignorant, innocent
atnaxte unbelieving, to be unbelieving
al deaf
al pebble
al unknown, always w/verb ash "cry"
alau white
ale go up, mount, go on board; ascend
ale utensil of bronze
ali fenugreek
allou pupil
allwh bird; fabulous eastern bird
alou youth, maiden
alw pupil
alw snare, trap
alwoue bunch (of grapes)
aulhou habit, part of monk's habit
aloubex pebble
aliji fuller's earth
aljai fish, large fish
alke last day of the month
alki unknown, in list of metal objects
alkou flask
alkou sycamore fruit
allwki plant
alok corner, angle
aloq thigh, knees
alasw+ army
alwt conscription; forced service
altkas marrow
alil mouse, field mouse
aloula insect
alwl impatient, be impatient; desire a lot?
alwle pebble
alom bosom
aam drug prescribed with jujube, etc.
ame herd (of cattle)
amh wasp
amna herbs, perfumes (among)
amou come!
amou cat
an negative particle
an great one
an- prefix in collective numerals
ana- ape
anai pleasant, be pleasing; grow better
anax ornament woven on clothes
ani bring
anioui bring
anx yard, court
auan color; appearance
auein cargo, ship's cargo
axom sign, groan
axwm eagle, falcon
anapai hen
anapai valley
ana0 name of plant
ana0 oath
anak unknown, in account of expenses
anau0 oath (plu.)
ang I (pronoun)
anok I (pronoun)
anshbe start
ankoki third (ring) finger
an0eule animal whose blood is used in ritual
anikam vitriol, kind of vitriol
an0iri bean, species of bean
anno0er chicory, wild endive chicory
amaxte rule, to rule; be in possession, restrain
amaxte prevail, to prevail, valid; lay hold on
amaxte grasp, embrace, restrict, detain
amaxte power
amnte Hades
ancous lizard species
anta0 sneeze
anthlm skull
antoli bird, fish eating bird
amhitn come!
antwri age, one of mature age
amalhj embrace
amin pot of soapstone
amoni strong, be strong, prevail, possess
anine bring
anom skin
anoni luxurious living
amre baker
amre unknown (cleansed corn?)
amrhxe asphalt, bitumen
a4wri asp
ara title (financial, legal)
ara chain?
ara door ring
are pail, bucket
are plant
arhu perhaps, if
aro obj. of lead used in weighing
aro cyperus used as fodder
aroou unknown
arooue burr, thistle
arou eye pupil
axr marsh herbage
axro what? why?
arhb pledge
arhj limit, end
arike blame, fault
aro0 cold, become cold
arws unknown
ar0in lentil
axerat stand
arim plant , saltwort plant
ba threshing floor
ba metals, in names of metals
ba branch of date palm
bai sky
bai raven, night raven; owl (as soul)
bai soul
bai spirit
bax penis
bexi file
bh grave
boi palm branch
boou unknown, in some place names
bouxe eyelid
boxi dyke, trench
bw hair
bw tree (in general)
bwwx idol at Alexandria
bwx bend (the head)
baabe be insipid; of salt, food, etc.
baabe be foolish, regard as foolish; despise
beebe bubble, well up
beebe pour forth, bring forth, rain down
bexbex howling, barking
bhb cave, hole, den, nest of animals
bhb list of vessals
bhbe found in Theban place name
boubou shine, glitter
bwfe leap, to leap, seize, rob
babile grain, a single grain
ba0I unknown
baki city, town
bas unknown, named among bronze utensils
baxse heifer
beke wage
bhh0 fruit that is not ripe
bhk land boundary
bhk found in list of utensils, tools, etc
bhke unknown
bhke woof
bhq falcon
bhse pail, well bucket
bij bones used as dice
biji wrecked, be wrecked (of ships)
biki found among horse furniture
bikyi plant or fruit
boi0I animal, desert animal
boki conceive; conceive (a child)
bw0 loosened, be loosened, undone
bw0 strip, divest
bw0 cleft
bwk depart, to go
bwk send, put into, add to
bwk servant, slave
bwke tan, in list of artificers
ba0ou0 rue?
bwst dry, be dry, parched
bekne beetle; a weasel
beqhn a rush
basnq tin
besnht smith
ba0or fox
ba0our saw, a saw
basour antimony
bacw garment or napkin
bht leaf, palm leaf; rib
bhte metal, scale-like plate of metal
boeit ox or cow
boioic unknown word
bwte pollute, befoul; hate, abomination
bwte cereal
bwte wipe out
bwte sweat
betbet unknown, among vegetables
bwts draw up (fight); set out, assess?
bal eye
bal nest
bal outside; (of time) out of, beyond
bexwl palm, kind of date palm
bla among musical instruments
blle blind person
bol loosen, to loosen
bol outside; (of time) out of, beyond
bwl outside
bwl loosen, untie (chains, cords)
blbile fruit; a single grain
bolbl burrow; be undermined; dig up, out
balkou bottle for water
blje earthenware, pottery
bwlk wrath, be wrath
balot garment made out of skin
bilti thighs, hips, rump, anus?
belcwn lion
balmou unknown meaning
blxmou people, barbarian people
balmbex pebble
baane evil, misfortune
bani evil, misfortune
banxo unknown meaning
bennh portal
bhne swallow
bhne cart, part of a cart
bini crucible
bnne date palm-tree
boine harp
bom` owl
boni evil, misfortune
boone evil, misfortune
bwne evil, misfortune
bwne unknown meaning; an edible?
bwwn bad; evil, misfortune
bwxn cover with a roof, awning
bwxn canopy, awning
baampe goat
benipe metal, as metal, chains, fetters
benipe metal-with names of weapons, tools
bank bird named in magical texts
benji elephant's trunk
binaj dish
bonte gourd; cucumber
bonte unknown
baare boat, barge
bar meaning unknown
baraxe animal
barwx camel? Transport animal (not ass)
barwx fodderer
barwx unknown, in list of metal objects
berw whirlpool
bir palm leaf basket
boure charm for insomnia
brre new, young; new thing
bwre fish
bwwre overbearing, imposing; push, drive
brbe vessel or receptacle
berbir a missile
borbr unloose
brbr boil
baro0 trade? Office?
ber0o unknown meaning
bersi orach (atriplex)
bre0hu coriander seed
bersi+ basket for holding bread
brqoout chariot
bar0in caulker
bersim victuals, among names of victuals
barhit goat, he goat
barwt brass, bronze
barnex linseed
barmesi unknown, in accounts of payments
e- to, as regards to, for, according to
eei house
ei to go, to come
ei house
eia eye
eiw wash, to wash
eoou honor, glory
eoou ass
eouw hail?
euw pledge, surety
ew ass
exe ox and cow
exe yea, yes
exh front
exi length of life and need
exo treasure
exo particle with negative verb
exoou day
exoue more, rather than, than
ebau unknown
ebh darkness
ebiw honey
ef flesh, and fly
eibe thirst
epaxou behind, backward
epaxou bring back
epexouo great, greatly, very
epw door, part of fastening door
ephp month, name of 11th month
ebiaik servant
eboos base, socket of pillar
ep0wi bring, raise up
epesht downward
epesht bring down
e2wt crocodile, kind of crocodile
ebate month
ebot month
e2lhou vanity, emptiness
ebleue vein; sweat
ebol out, forth
ebol come, go forth, be displayed
ebol bring, put out, publish
ebol forth, out
ebihn person, a poor, wretched person
ebra seed (of cereals)
epra vanities
ebrhqe lightning
efrasou plant, a plant
ebriein garment, material for or quality of
e0 be able
e0o bran
e0w sow
eis- behold
ejhu boat (plu.)
ejo upon, over, for, to
ejw over, for, to, upon
ejw tongs, pincers
ejw viper
esoou sheep
e0wpe if
ekibe nipple
e0je if
eqw0 Cushite
ekot visit
ekte unknown
esht ground, bottom, lowest part; downward
eqlaq gourd
ejn upon, over, for, to
ejn head
ejn come upon, arrive at
ejn- head
ejn- without
eqen head
eat end, farthest part
ech bring forward
eiat eye
eiote father (pl.)
eiwt father
et- (before liquids and half-vowels)
etox garment of certain length of stuff
ette unknown
etbe- because of, concerning
etbeje because
etbhht concerning, because of
eth0I rust, mildew
eth0i crane
etoot to
etn come into the hand of
etni5 ashes
etmhte bring into midst, recall
el hail
elooue snare
elw snare
elbiji irrigation implements?
elkw fruit of sycamore
elqwb heron
elkemh unknown
elile saying
eloole grape; vine
eloole tonsil
eloole pupil (of eye)
elelkhme bruise, dark purple bruise like grape
elam measure or quantity (papyrus, loaves)
eime to know, to understand
eine bring
eine bring, bear
eine resemble, to resemble; likeness
eme hoe for digging
emi knowledge
emi ignorant, innocent
emou cat
en ape
en- bring
ene interrog. particle
ene stone
ene- if
enex eternal, age; forever, eternity
enouoi way
enx eyebrow
eouin unknown, about repair of something
euni mill; nether millstone
exna willing, to be willing, think good
exoun bring, put in
exoun e to, towards
eme0hie except
eme0qe fish, Nile fish
emh0 anvil
emise dill, anise
enq plant, a plant
emate greatly, very
emnt the west
emto before, in front of
emim mouse, shrew mouse
enim lot
emhre innundation, high water
eiero river
eire make, to do
eiwrx to see, perceive
er spin
er- archaic rel pref with past tenses..
ere- verbal prefix
erhu fellow, companion; each other, together
erhu* each other
ero for, to, as regards to
exrai downward, upward
exrai bring up
erbisi hemp
erbws rope of single ply
erbit camel's saddle or pack
erbin papyrus
erj chicken, small bird
erqoi unknown, in recipe for eye disease
er0I0 chick-pea
er0I0I authority, have power
erat to
erat come to a superior
erht promise, vow, devote
ert twice in list of farm produce
erwte milk
ern to, upon
ern come to, arrive at
exren come against, to meet
3 sixty (numeral)
zaz asphodel
zenzen lizard, chameleon
hi house
hi pair, couple
hi O (interjection)
hou limbs? genital members?
hpe number
hqe leek
ht unknown
hlle measure , a measure
hn ape
hrp wine
cai this (demonstrative pronoun)
co multitude
co earth (also TO)
coi spot
cox chaff
cox bad, become bad
cab leaven
caf unknown
cbbio humble, to be humble, humility
cbbio humiliate
cbbio be hunble, humbled
cifi swelling, tumour
cwbi unknown
cwb0 astonished, be astonished
cwb0 stare with astonishment
coftef let fall drop by drop (rain)
cous point (of beard)
cwk mast (of ship)
cwk fix and kindle
ciouhout cease
coout name of 1st month
coucou skin disease-lentigo
cwt persuade, mix, scrape
calixi tree, fruit tree
clo make to fly, drive away, scatter
couelo overflow, submerge
canno accomplish, perform
cem unknown
chn sulpher
chni sprout, grow
cmhi truth
cmhi true, righteous person
cmo warm
cno pound
coume Virgo, zodiac sign
cwm sharpen
cmis dust
cmko ill use, afflict, humiliate
cmko ill treatment, affliction
cmso make to sit, seat
cwri willow
cwrp sew
craps sew
cer0 linseed
couraji habit, part of monastic habit
crko make mild, assuage
cwr0 stare in astonishment
carmi leather shield
cran tin
crim quicksilver
ei come, to go
ei house
ei e come to
eia eye and its sight
eia valley, ravine
eia- ass
eiaau linen
eiaiw unknown
eie then
eie particle introducing apodosis-then
eih wash
eioue waters
eiw wash, to wash
eiw name of a small animal-worm?
eiwxe field
i4 demon
ioxi fold
ioxi water-wheel
eiabe matter from sores, wounds-pus
eiabe sickness, malady
eiaouba unknown
eib hoof
eibe thirst
eiope craft, art, occupation
eiope measure (or vessal) of oil
eip bring back
ihb spin
eibt nail
eiebt east, the east
ei0e be hung, depend
ei0e hang, suspend
ei0ouei roast, dry by heating
eis behold
I0 urine
iws hasten, be urgent
I0t meaning unknown
eiqri unknown, in alchem recipe
eiat eye
eiote father (pl.)
eiwt father
eiwt barley
eiwte dew
iota ninth letter of alphabet
iw+ dew
eitn ground, earth, dust, rubbish
eial mirror
eioul hart, hind
ielle brightness, light
eielel shine, glitter
eime know, understand
eimme presumptuous, impudent
eine bring, bear
eine resemble, to resemble; likeness
eine chain
eine thumb
eine carpenter's axe, adze
eiom sea
eiooun a title, unknown meaning
imi knowledge
intwk kindle
eier eye
eioor canal
eire make, to make, to do; act, performed
eire befall, be incumbent on
eire unknown, furniture of camel
eiwrx see, to see, perceive
iero river
eiwrm stare, be astonished
kah earth, soil
kax pitcher, bucket
kax earth, soil
kaxi earth, soil
ke also, even, other; another, different
keouou crude wax
kex arm
kh unknown, riverbank?
khu unknown
kiuh unknown
kiwou be fat, soft
ko bull
koeix sheath
koie field
koixe envious
koixi elbow
koou length of time
koox angle, corner
kou unknown
koui small person or thing; young person
koui small, a little
koux unknown
kw place, appoint, set down, make
kw idols?
kwi elbow
kwx roll up
kwx be envious, zealous, emulate
kwx make level, smooth, lame
kwx envy, zeal; zealous, to be zealous
ka2ai Egyptian partridge
kabai cages, baskets(?) of wicker-work
kaf trunk of tree
kap string of harp
kap receptacle or measure for corn
kap a citting tool
kapai partridge
kba vengence, compulsion
kbo be, become cool; make cool
khbi pitcher, jar
khbi honey cake
khpe vaulted place, cellar, canopy
kibiu among fish
kip a measure
kwb be doubled
kwb leaven
kwbx sinew; cord
kwp hide, be hidden
kwwbe compel, seize by force; forced labor
kwxb unknown
ka2aji part of date palm
kap0a immature thorns on palm leaves
kap0w sandy land
kapaj penes
kwp0 bow down
kou2at carpet, mattress
koupr a plant
ka0 reed
ka0 reed, pen
ka0e among metal utensils
ka0w among fish
kaj unknown, relates to agriculture
kajxe unknown
kak part of bird
kake pupil (of eye)
kake darkness
kakoi mucus of nose
kas a coin "carat"
kas cry, roaring
kas bone
kase shoemaker
kaxk make level, smooth, lame
kaxkx make level, smooth, lame
kaxs make level, smooth, lame
keke child
kh0e unknown
khkaxhu strip, make naked
kise boils of unknown kind
kja unknown, in list of names
koeis vessal for liquids, wine
koiaxk name of 4th month
kouk rind
kouk a bird?
kouk among properties of monastery
kwk peel, strip off, divest; bareness
kww0e break, be broken, split
kwws dress, prepare corpse for burial, bury
kakoupat obtaining a certain stone by help of?
ka0abel earring
ka0o0 charm for painful eyes
ka0o0 male, female iron
kasise unknown, metal tool, utensil?
kasks whisper
kosks bend, entwine
kakte louse
kou0t plant or mineral
ka0ouli desert fruit
koukle hood, cowl of monk
ka0mou unknown, list of varia
koukoumau pan
ka+ know, understand; knowledge, understanding
kat wheel, basket
katai locust
katax unknown
kato boat, skiff
kete unknown
kexte loin, hip
ki+ player, gambler
kite double drachma
kite sleep
kite unknown
kot wheel, basket
kot potter
kto turn, surround
kto make to turn, return, go round
ktou young plant
kwt build, form; edify, encourage
kwt build, to build, edify; building
kwte turn, go round
kwte round about
kwte turn, return, surround
kwxt fire
kwtf gather (corn, fruit, wood, etc.)
kwt0 unknown, in recipe
katouli mallow
katan list of sailors, crew
katmis Egyptian mulberry
kthr calf
kalaxh womb
kale unknown
kel fish
kel unidentified animal
kelou unknown, loosen, slacken?
khl iron object
kle vessel for liquids
kle unknown
klh cat
klle a bolt
klo vegetable poison(?) used for arrows
kwl unknown, among maladies
kwlx strike, knock, clap
kwwle unknown, return, collapse?
kalaphi quail
kalwpou small dog, lap dog?
kelfi eyelid
kl2 blow
kwlp steal, rob
kel2aj truffle
klaft hood (of monk's habit)
kelebin pickaxe, axe
kalouki young camel or ox
kelka lump, pustule
kelloj a puppy, whelp
kliji part of bird
koulaji a fish
kwlj bend, be bent, twist
kelkeb unknown, mouse?
kala0I0te part of a house, on its roof
kel0wt a plant?
kelkoule unknown, scala?
klaklek astragalus, the plant or its gum
kolkel unknown, dry places and land
kolkl be round, curved
klousme unknown
kalt- be hairless on front of head
kolta4 colecasia water plant
koulxot a fish
kalele board stuck to assemble congregation
kelwl pitcher, jar
kelwl curling hair
klal chain (on neck)
kloole unknown, among agriculture tools?
kloole cloud
klwili caul, secundina
koulwl wrap, wind
klme poultice of wood
klom crown, wreath
kloome weal
kwlem hasten
kwlm corner of eye
kalam2o hill
klanta screen, membrane
kam reed, rush
kame black
kemi black
khme Egypt, the black land
khme gum
khn cease, fail; finish
kim move, be moved
kme darkness
kmme black
knaau sheaf
knaau unknown, trade or office
knne be fat, sweet
knne unknown, in list of vessals
kno sheaf
knxe porch or shrine
kny a disease
komme gum
kon unknown, among plants in temple
koun bosom
kwm unknown, part of a farm cart
kwxme unknown, list of clothing
kampi among birds
kanoufi unknown, a fish
konf a title or epithet
koomf blight
kene2iten kind of loaf or cake
knos stink, be putrid
kounjou a vessal
kwm0 sneer, mock
kwns pierce, slay, slaughter
kwns prepare for burial; corpse
kwns slay, pierce
rmnk Egyptian
knikiji vessal or measure for liquids
kmkm strike, beat (musical instrument)
kamte vessal containing oil
kmto earthquake
knte charm
knte fig
kemts smoke
kmom be, become black
knxhr a plant
kaire belly, gullet
ker haunch, thigh
kerx unknown, connected with loom
kerxe bald person
kori skylight, trap-door
korou a coin
kour deaf person
kour blow, deafening blow
kour pivot, hinge
krax unknown
kri perfumed or medicinal oil
kro shore, further side, limit
krou unknown, list of varia
kwr measure or quantity of money
kwwre cut down trees, crops; be cut down
krof guile, ambush
kwrf bring to naught, cancel, destroy
kwrf be idle, deficient
krapep hoopoe
karous curled (of hair)
kers a fish
kerso pylon, gate
kor3 an iron instrument
krouj baked or fried cake
kwr0 request, persuade, cajole
kwrj cut down, break off
kerht part of swine,or name of medicant
korten house leek
kram wild safflower
krwm fire
kwrm smoke
krmes ash, soot, dust
krmrm murmur, be vexed; murmuring, complaint
kromrm be dark (of hair, scar)
karare unknown
krhre unknown, in list of utensils
krour frog
krour unknown, among articles pledged
la envy, slander
la possessing, endued with
la mouth
la- part
laau textile material or use of a fragment
laau anyone, anything; someone, something
laau (neg.) no one, nothing
laue any one
laui anyone
lauo ship's sail
lax unknown
laxh liquid measure
lex care, anxiety
li unknown, relates to melting of metal
lo withdraws self from; cease, stop
loixe mud, filth
loou curl (of hair)
lwou as interjection of emphasis
lwx unknown
laboi lioness
laf pleasant
le2 one having an eye disease
le2e fragment, small portion
leifi fish
li2e fragment, small portion
libe be mad; make mad
louboie kind of Nile ship
lwf be insipid
lwwfe be prone to fall, decadent
lxwb steam, vapour
labas aloe- wood
lafwj unknown
laps anyone, anything; someone, something
lapsi bite, seize
lapsi fragment, small portion
lep0 heating material
lepa0I trunks of trees
lepse fragment, small portion
libos colic
lwb0 be hot, glow; burn, heat
lwb0 crown; coping, battlement (of roof)
lwps unknown
lhbte unknown
lobleb feel violent love
loflf mortify, become rotten, perish
lapni unknown
leban ship's hauling cable
la0ie hypocrites
la3e clouts
laji latrine of ship
laji importunity
lajke unknown
laksi skip, bound
lakx corner, extremity, top
laqe cease
laqou unknown, among implementes of torture
las tongue, language
le0 unknown
leq lie hid
lese unknown
lesi unknown
lhk be soft, fresh
lhs unknown, jaw?
liji bowl, dish
lik pot, jar
loiqe cause, excuse
loiqe cause, excuse
lok bowl, cup
loq impudent, persistent
loq lie hid
louj secretion in corner of eye
louk cheek or corner of mouth
lu3 crested lark or hoopoe
lw0j be troublesome, oppressive
lwj be sticky; adhesive
lwji lie hid
lwjk be sticky, adhesive
lwjx be crushed, effaced
lwk be soft, fresh
lwk0 be weak
lwks bite, pierce, stab; snap at
lwqe lie hid
lwsk putrify, or similar
lwws be bruised, crushed
lwws fruit of sycamore fig
lajte mud, dirt
lakoote a liquid measure; mostly of wine
likt veil, covering
lajlej girder
lojlj languish, be sickly
lojlj rub
loklk become soft; soften, smooth
loqleq girder, joint, frame
loqleq sickness
louklak bad, wicked
la0ane village, magisterate or official
lajan moisture
lakamou colocynth
lakm piece, fragment
lakme piece, fragment
lekmh piece, fragment
lokm unknown, among furniture or utensils
lwkem be moist, sodden
laknt frying pan, cauldron
lat parsley
lout unknown
lwte be hard, callous
latp turnip
latbs patch, joining material
lotj unknown
laale of putrified food producing worms
lal unknown, among trades, weavers, clothiers
lale smear, paint, overlay
laxlx be tall, high
leeile be pointed high
leeli unknown
lele wander about
lelou youth, maiden
lexlwxe unknown
lhl neckless
lil sparrow
lilooxe bdellium,
lol bed, bench
loulai shout
llhb jesting, buffonery
laloukin betelnut (or ceder?)
laleet unknown
la4em trunk, branch, stalk, tube
laami bait
lain steel?
lam unknown
lamwou unknown
laxme kneeding, trough
leon earring, bracelet
lexmou unknown, in description of a field
lom unknown
lom morsel, bit
loome bait
loome whither, fade
loume bait
lwimi morsel, bit
lwm morsel, bit
lwm whither, fade
lwmi morsel, bit
lwwme whither, fade
lwxm be boiling, boiled
lxhm roar (especially of lion)
laxmf relates to matters of wages
lemas unknown
lemhh0e warrior, champion
lenji coat of mail
lwms be foul, stink
lamjatp tar, pitch
lamti unknown
lenthn saw
lemlwm unknown
lomlm unknown
limhn portrait, image
lamrht a herb
ma place
ma- if, when
ma- give
maau mother
maeie love
mai unknown
mai new
mai love
maih size, age, kind
mau the place, there, therein
mau there
mauaa alone, single
max nest, brood of young
max- before
maxe ell, cubit (forearm)
maxe flax
me love, to love
me truth, justice, true person
mee truth, justice, true person
meei truth, justice, true person
meeue thought, mind
meeue think, to think
mei love
mex- pref of ordinals; fill
mh urine
mhi unknown, an implement of brass
mhi truth
mhi give (imperative)
mhi truth, justice, true person
mhxe feather
mhxe tumour, abscess
mie truth
mih lion
mio be hale (implies graditude)
mo take!
mo there
moeix measure for fodder
moeixe wonder
moi give!
moou water
moou water
mooxe walk, go
mou die, death
moue light, blindness
moue island (mostly in the Nile)
moueiooue water (pl.)
moui new (adj.)
moui lion
moui ram
moux burn, glow
moux look
moux fill; be full; complete
mox nest; fill, burn; look
mxaau tomb, cavern
mxaou tomb, cave
maab thirty
maeixf unknown, object sent by writer of letter
mpe until (where action is uncompleted)
mpo speechless, dumb
mpoou today
mpoue far
mp0a be worthy, worth
mp0a much, greatly
mpate neg perf of what has not yet happened
mpwt unknown, part of weaving apparatus
mbon wrath
mbrexi cart
mbrexi bitumen
mpwr not! By no means!
ma0e balance
ma0j ear
ma0o greatly, very
maaje measure of fruit or grain
maaje ear
maeis a measure
mais loving instruction, docile
maj- measure
maje axe, pick
majke woman's garment
makx neck of man or beast
maouse an internal organ
mas unknown
mase calf
me0e not know
mhh0e multitude, crowd, troop
mhse one with child
mhse usury
mi0e fight, attack; strike
mike rest
mise bear, bring forth
mkax be painful, difficult; be grieved
mojx girdle of soldier or monk
moki jar, vessal, quiver
moo0e walk, go (on land, water)
mooshe go, to walk
mos unknown, occurs in recipes
mou5 look
mouk cease
mouki ladder
moukx afflict, oppress
moukx labor, find difficult
mous strap, bard
mousk strike, rub
msax crocodile
mwje measure
mesoua2i unknown
me0pelt unknown
mejpwne ulcer, eruption
m0I0 vengence
makas beard
me0ak perhaps
miakhs shells, pearl shells
moujq be mixed; mix
mexsa0f search out, reflect, consider
majakin unknown, named with embroiderers
majaat unknown
makot javelin, dirk
me00wt plain, field
me0te ear
mestou unknown
mh0te ford, ferry
mjaxt morter
moste hate
mou0t examine, search out, visit; visit, consider
mou0t perhaps
me0+bs hinge of door
m0twte comb; among weavers tools
mescht breast
meqtwl tower
me0kol rump, buttocks, anus
mejhl unknown, part of oven
meslex like it, ditto
mesxwl process of forging iron
mjwl onion
mexsnau second
mosne a vessal or dry measure
mouknaie white cock
mokmek think, ponder; mediate, intend
mex0onnt third
mokmer think, ponder, thought
m0ir name of 6th month
m0ir pot, box for incense
makro trough, mortar
ma0rt cable of palm fibers
maout die, death
mate reach, obtain, enjoy; attain, consent agree
mate very, greatly
mate only
matoi soldier
matou poison
maut die, death
maxt bowels, intestines
mecaio carthamus, safflower
mht truth
mht ten
mhte middle
mit parsley
moeit road, path; place
moout die, death
mouout kill, to kill
mout sinew, nerve
moute speak, call, pronounce
moute kill, killer
mtau wizardry; magic words; words
mto before, in front of; face, presence
mtw depth of sea
mxit north
mxot shoemaker's last or mallet
maatse measure
mets wisdom
mtat bridle, bit
mtatx unknown
mtwte unknown, in list of varia
mtotf wild rue
metl impudence, persistence
mextwlp sew
matem unknown
moutn rest, set at rest
mton be at rest, at ease; be relieved
mton rest self
mton rest, to be at rest
matr glue
ma4oul chisel, pick
mele unknown
melxe unknown; part of millstone
melxe saltness
mely eye
mexhl bald place on head
mla4 fight, quarrel
mlx make salt
moloy Mars (planet)
moole bait
moul4 be hooked into
moulx make salt
moulx wax
moulx be hooked into; twisted into, attached to
moulaj night raven
moulj embrace, enwrap
moulk unknown
moulq branch
malat unknown
melit love
melwt ceiling, canopy
moulwl unknown, part of plough
miolwn bitumen extracted from embalmed corpse
maein sign, wonder, mark
mamhe truth
man a certain person or thing
menxh after
mexmouxe purslane
mhne daily, everyday
mine sort; qualify, manner
mine nature, quality, of such kind
mmau there
mmn not to be; not to have, no
mmo genitival particle; verb obj.
mn no one; there is not, are not
mn- with (prep)
mn- and (conj.)
mn- pref neg imperat vetitive
mnai here, hence, hither
mnh there, thither
MnM there is not, are not; no one
mno self, one's own
moone be made fast; come to land; into port
moone nurse
moone pasture, to pasture, feed
mooun come to land; into port
moun remain, continue
moune unknown; about repairing some water conduits
moune remain, continue
ma nsw drinking place
mank unknown
manke unknown, among arfticles of iron
mankou unknown, among varia
mn0a worthy, to be worthy
mnke unknown, about sowing
mnnsa side
mNNsa after
mNNsw after
monks make
moum0 permission
mounk make, form
mounk cease, be lacking, perish; destroy
manqale pick, hoe
mmate greatly, very
mnot breast
mnout porter, doorkeeper
mnt measure of grain
mnt truth, righteousness
mnt- adjective forming abstracts
mnt- wisdom
mentsnoous twelve
mntqwb weakness
mntsa hrp wine drinking
mntatnaxte unbelief
mntatsbbe uncircumcision
mntl impudence, persistence
mntmntre testimony
mntn condition, trade of sailor
mntna alms
mancwrp sew
mntero kingdom, reign
mntre witness, testimony
mntrmnrht wisdom
mntrnnao riches, wealth
mntrnra0 gentleness
mntrnxe freedom
mntrro kingdom, reign
mntrrwou kingdom, reign
mntxar0xht long-suffering
manin band, cord
manmon orange
mmin own, proper, self
mmon verily, for
Mmon no, if not
mnhne daily
MnM there is not, are not; no one
monmen shake, be shaken
monmen twisted
mNNsa after
mNNsw after
mamrex unknown; name of 20th lunar station
menrit love
mare verbal pref. Optative "let us (go)"
meere midday
meere a tree
mere- perf neg aor
merex spear, javelin
merre red of hair
mexro manure
mhr shore of river; esp. opposite shore
mhrx salt
mour bind, gird, tie
mrex 20th station of moon
mrre chain, bond
mrw harbor, landing stage
mrwxe a vessal probably of metal
merwf unknown, quantity?
maures jug, jar
mour0 look around, stare about
mris new wine, must
mro0 be red, yellow
mrw0e vessel of clay
marjwje a garment; among cloths, etc.
mro0t stink
merit love
merit beloved
mort beard, chin
mro4t pipe-clay
meran trough, tank
mrwm pillow
n- particle of genitive, ex: at price of
n- indicating obj of verb
n- instrument, agent with, by
n- bring
na with object suffixes
na mercy, pity
na to go
na about (used with numerals)
na have pity, mercy
naa be great
naeiw peg, stake
nai this (demonstrative pronoun)
nau hour, time
nau about
nau hour, time
nau look, behold; sight, view, vision
naui spear
ne it is, there are
ne- vbl pref of imperf before vbal subj
nei time
nex fat, thick
nex abyss
nhu go, to go
ni bring
no hour
noei unknown, place where loaves/wine are kept
noouxe unknown
nou go, be going to, about to
nou hour
noux rope, cord
nouxe shake, cast off, set apart, separate
nouxe be shaken out; fall out
nouxe sycamore
nox eyelid
nw hour
nxouo more, rather, very
naxbi spear
neef sailor
nexpe mourn; smite self
nhb lord
nhb unknown
nhhbe float, swim
nibe every
nife blow, breathe of wind
nobe sin
noub gold
nouxb make ready wagon by yoking
nouxb be yoked, harnassed
nouxb copulate, engender
noubs a tree
noubt weave
nouft swell, be distended
nexbhl wine-skin
nauben footstep
niben every
napre grain, seed
nobrou marsh, mallow
noufr be good, profitable
na0e- be many, much
na0w great
naake pains of travail
najxe tooth
neqe- be ugly, unseemly; disgraceful
neqi namely
nese- be beautiful
nexse awake, arise, waken, raise up
nhqe belly, womb
nhse bench, seat
nije unknown, point in measurements
nka a thing in general
noei0 spleen
noeik adulterer
noo0e unknown, stinking of disease
noq great, large; greater, older
noq old person, thing
nou0s grow numb
nouj sprinkle
nouj lying, false
nouj throw
nouje throw, cast; cast forth
nouje cast, to throw
noujk sprinkle, asperge; scatter
nouqs be wrath; make wrath
nouqs oil
nous unknown, among abusive terms
nouse unknown, about sleep
nqi particle preceding nom.
nsa except
nsa behind, after, at
nse yes
najp stone, kernal of fruit
nesbo be wise
nou0p blow of wind;agitate, frighten, overawe
n0it unknown
n0ot be hard, strong, difficult
n0ot hardness, boldness
ne0te hard, rough person
nou0t become heavy, hard
nkotk sleep, to sleep
na0txht strong, hard of heart
na0teime presumptuous
na0tmakx stiff-necked
noue0n without
nejnej unknown
noknek have affection, inclination
noqneq reproach, mock
no0r vulture, falcon
nouker prick, incise
n0te strength, strengthener, protector
naht have pity
naiat eye
naiat blessed
nat loom
naxte trust, to trust, believe
nce as, as just as
nout grind, pound corn
noute God
nta- genitival particle
nte- genitival particle
nte- perf of conjunct.
nwou+ swaddling bands
nxht in, from
noutf dissolve, settle, make terms for, loosen
ntof rather, but, again
ntof but, rather
ntpe above, over, up
nthq plant, herb, weed
ntwk bake
ntoot in, by, with, beside
noutm be sweet, pleasant
nten with, beside, in, by
nteunou immediately
ntn hand
ntn with, beside, in, by
ntooun then
ntere- when, after
nxal be soaked, impregnated
name truth; truly
name good
nanou be good, fair
neme flame; as goddess
nemwou having broken eggs
nhni honeycomb
nim every, all
nim who?
nine nothing
nne- perf neg.
nno neg. imperat…it shall not be, no
noein shake, tremble
nom pine, tamarisk, cypress
noni fall down
noun abyss of hell
noun seventh
noune root
nouxm be saved, safe; preserve
noxnx shake; break out
nenebe styrax
nomte strength, power
nemoure unknown, among iron
nare- verbal prefix
naxra before, in presence of
noure vulture
nouxr unknown, part of dowry
nxour tremble
naxrn before, in presence of
naxrn- face
3our a finger-ring
o great
oix unknown
oox moon
oxe loss, damage
oxe yard of a house; fold for cattle
oxe fold for cattle, yard of house
obe channel, water course
obxe tooth (of man)
obxe angry, to be angry
oeipe a measure of grain
obik bread, loaf
obn alum
oei0 cry, a herald
oeik reed
oeik bread
oji iniquity
oji iniquity
oke sesame
oou0 gruel of bread on lentils
ose loss, damage, fine
ose tooth
osi tamarisk
osk unknown, among metal objects
oeit all good things
oot snort, groan
oote womb
owot single, alone, one
oleie ram
oeime hook
ome clay, mud
on again, also, still
onh live, life
oni resemble
owoein light
onte unknown
orbe wafter, thin, cake
p- definate article (m)
p (e) the
pa possessive article "the …belonging to"
pa- possessive pronoun with suffixes
pai this (demonstrative pronoun)
paxe break
paxou buttocks, hinder part, back
pe interrog/condition expressing doubt
pe perhaps?
pe it is, there are
pe heaven, sky
pei kiss
ph that (demonstrative pronoun)
phi leap
phue heaven (pl.)
poi bench
poou today, day
pooxeue break
poua each
pw mine, his, etc.
pwx reach, attain to, succeed in doing
pwx reach, attain, succeed
pwx break, burst, tear
pwx divide
paope name of 2nd month
papoi bird, chicken
pwwpe knead (clay); make bricks
pa0 trap, snare
pa5s break
pai0e a disease, swelling
paiqe mouth
pake be light, thin
paqse spittle
paxs break
pees unknown
peja say, to say
peje what…saith
peje say, to say
piqa vanity
pise be cooked, melted; boil, bake, melt
pjw unknown, hard, tough flesh
poei0 rung, step of ladder
poj amorous
poqe battlefield
pw0 divide, be separate
pw0 break, to break
pw0s be amazed, beside oneself
pw0s amaze, turn aside
pw5 break
pwjq beat flat, broad
pwqe break, burst
pwqs unknown, sweat, drip?
pwxs bite
poqle unknown, related to vegetables
pw0n service; serve (as priest)
pwqm unknown
pa0ons name of 9th month
paith eggplant
pat knee
pat fold (for sheep)
paxte strength, valiance
pecoou evil, wickedness
pite bow
poce unknown
pwt run, flee, go
pwtx carve, engrave, depict
pwxt bend, fall
pwxt pour, flow
petbe requite
petephp hoopoe
potpt fall away; make fall
potpt cut down, drop
pwts divide, split
pat0eleet bridegroom
patalas unknown
petnanou good
pthrf whole, all (creation)
pwlx wound
pelhk unknown, epithet of antichrist
plqe split, torn cloth, rag
pwlq agreed, reach satisfaction, decide
pwlq deliver, decide; settle affair
plale unknown
pame truly
pawne name of 10th month
penne bug
pin mouse
pme truth, justice, true person
pnnh doorpost, threshold, step
pouni anus
pwn be poured, flow; pour out
pwwne change, turn
pwwne turn, change
pompem swell
pwnk draw, bail, empty out water
para unknown
pare unknown
paure increase, grow
paxre a drug
paxre heal, to heal
peire come forth of light, etc.; proclaim
per- house
pere scurf
phre quail
poro vessal holding oil
prw winter
pwwre dream
prape unknown, an object of wax
periperoi royal palace
parxs covering for jar
phr0 red colored substance
pork outer mantle of clerics, monks
pork calf
pra0 unknown, relates to irrigation
pwr0 spread, stretch
pwrj separation, division
pwrj divide, be divided; separate
pwrk be plucked out; destroyed; pluck, root out
pwrs stretch, strain
pwrs slaughter
prosres become stiff (of hair)
permou lunatic
pernoufe a plant, artemisia
parmoute name of 8th month
parmxotp name of 7th month
primmenou a plant, artemisia
ra state, condition
ra part
raouw happen, fall, be subject, be caught
rauh neighborhood
rh sun
rhi a fish
ri cell, room
ro edge of weapon
ro strand, ply of cord
ro goose
ro mouth
ro door, gate
rooue stubble
rouxe evening
rw same, again; also; indeed, but
rw mouth, door
rw even, at all, at last
rw then
rwxe become, be clean, cleanse, wash
rxouo exceed
ribh rope with belt for hauling ship's cable
rpe temple
rpw twig?
refjioue thief
refsw drinker
rbt coat of mail
refl biter
refrnobe sinner
r5e be willing
ra0 mild, gentle person
ra0e rejoice, rejoice at, deride
rasou dream
rhs south, places in the south
rhse dust
rike bend, turn, incline; bend toward
roeis be awake, watch; keep, observe
roeis awake, to be awake, watch
roou0 have care for, be intent on, care
roou0 anxiety
rsw fold for cattle or sheep
rw0 measure of grain
rw0e sufficient
rw0e suffice; content
rwkx burn, burn toward, after
rwjp be thrown down, sink down
raste morrow
r0wn cloak, covering
ra0re0 unknown, in midst of trees
rakrek unknown
raqreq hiss of bones or flesh in fire
rkrike bending, nodding of head in sleep+D1429
rojrej wash? polish?
rokrek become, be putrid
raite kindred
raoute among bronze utensils
rat foot
rate unknown
raxte cauldron
raxtou a monkish garment
rht a title?
rhte manner, fashion, likeness
rita a plant
rtw span, lit. a great hand
rwt grow, sprout, covered with growth
rwt bring forth
rwxt strike, to strike, hit
rtob measure of grain
rwtb recline; make to recline
ritici Aquarius, zodiac sign
rame a fish
ran name
rayne a garment
rhne youth, prime?
rime weep
rmeih knee
rmeiooue tear (s)
rmmao rich man
rmmme true, honest person
rmxe free person
rnxe person, free person
rooune virgin, virginity
rwme man, human being
rwn rampart
rampei ring
rompe year
rompe door, mouth
romsin a plant
ramwne part of door, post
rmxnex pole, shaft
rmont shivering, ague
raar a basket or vessal?
rir pig
rro king, queen
rro king, Caesar (erro)
rrwou king, Caesar (erro)
rermh quantity, measure of land
sa side, part
sa except, beyond, behind, after
sa it is (depends) upon
sa be beautiful
sa man; maker of; dealer in
saeioou be beautiful
saiou among wages
sax writer
sax awl, borer
sax teacher
saxou curse
se year
se seat, place
se blow
se- yea
se- sixty (numeral)
sei be filled, satisfied, enjoy
sei a tree
shoue unknown, will put fire about this
shoui unknown
shu time, season
si seat, place
sia unknown
sioou[n] as title?
siou star
siou star-spangled; speckled thing
sixe be removed, displaced
sixe move, remove self, withdrawn
so spare, refrain
so six
soi back of man or beast
soi beam of wood
soi among trees
soou six
soouxe egg
sooxe remove
sooxe be set up, upright
sooxe reprove, correct
souo corn, wheat
sw soaked reed, mat of reeds
sw drink
swi become hairless
swoue gather
swoux be gathered, collected; gather, collect
swx deaf person
swxe weave
swxi remove
sxai write
sxau unknown, a title?
sxo plough handle
sabe wise person
saf yesterday
saf a measure or vessal
sap unknown
saxf awl, borer
saxof having harelip
sb burnt offerings
sbbe unknown, part of property bequeathed
sbe door
sbe unknown
sbooue teaching, doctrine (plu.)
sboui disciple, apprentice
sbw doctrine, teaching
sebi circumcise
seepe remain over, be remainder, leave remaining
shbe tar
shbe reed
shfe sword, knife
shfe reed
shfe sword
sib tick, insect
sife tar
sop adverbial, "a" with help of preposition
sop a measure?
sop occasion, time (vices), turn
sp time, occasion
sp- year in dating events
spei chosen, elect
swbe laugh, play; deride, mock
swbe edge, fringe of garment
swbx become, be leprous
swf strain
swif unknown
swp dip, soak
swp kohl-stick
swp eyelid
swpe eyelid
swwf drinking
swwf be defiled, polluted
swwp time
swxp sink in, be swallowed
sb0e shield
sbok become, be small, few
sops pray, entreat, comfort
sopsp comfort
sfw+ unknown, relates to ship
sibt hill
sobt wall, fence
sobte be ready, prepare, set in order
sobte prepare, set in order
sopet unknown
spotou edge, shore
sxbhhte foam of waves or mouth
sblte roll over, about
splhlin unknown, poultice
seben bandage, salvage
seboon support, prop
sobn make breeze; make cool (w/fan)
swouben grass
spir rib
s2ran0 soothsayer
sa0 blow (strike)
sa5 strike
saase tow
sai0 incorporated being "double" of a man
sak adornment, appearance, capacity
sase unknown
sauxs woman's title
saxs rub down, pound
saxsx roll round, rub down, plane
seeiqe unknown
sek unknown
sekex clear out a house
sh0e strike
sh0e stroke, blow, sore (plu.)
shq foal of ass, horse
si0e be like gall, bitter
sike grind, pound
sikhxe unknown
siqe judgement, cause at law
sise unknown
siws unknown, epithet of day
skai plough
soei0 pair of animals
soei0 a measure
sok sack, sackcloth, bag
sok be content, satisfied
soq fool
sous star-spangled; speckled thing
sousiou wine, measurfe
sousiou speckled
sousou unknown, guide, lead?
sousou point, atom, moment
sw0 strike
sw0 despise, shame, contempt, scorn
sw0e drag, creep
sw0e field, meadow, country
swk flow as water, blow as wind
swk draw, beguile, gather, impel
swq become, be rigid, paralysed
sws be thrown down, upset
sa0f seven
sesbox place of atonement
si0f fragment, flake
skap stale (?) of bread
sw0f be despised
soksek pull, gather
sw0t stop, be impeded, hindered
sasel demented
sismh unknown
sken side
skim discolored, grey hair
soqn ointment
sw0m be faint, undone, disheartened
skmkim insubordinate monk
sokmaji long table
seksir sunny place, room
sqhr sail on river or sea; rest oneself
sqhr sail, to sail
skorker beer
skorkr roll, be rolled
sa4wt treasury
sat tail
sate fire
sate fan
saxte kindle fire, heat; burn
seth a condition of the fig
sext leprosy
sht spun
sit basilisk
site throw, sow
site basilisk
site unknown, beam of light?
soeit fame, report
soote unknown
sot dung, excrement
sote throw
sote a measure?
sotx unknown, in list of utensils
st- measure
steiwxe measure
sto disqualify, annul
stoi smell
stoi fragrant plant
swt return, repeat
swt a measure of land
swte redeem, rescue
syat marriage gift
satbe chew, ruminate
satfe unknown, name of a canal?
sotaxf meaning doubtful
stebaeix tool, utensil
swtf be pure, clean, purified
swtf purify, strain
swtp choose
sotbef tool, weapon
stajoul spider
stouht unknown
stwt tremble
stwte measure
sooutn straight, upright, stretch
sooutn straighten, stretch
sthm stibium, antimony
sthmou unknown, in list of vegetables
swtm hear
swtn hearing
sateere stater coin and weight
sater unknown, in recipe
swtr be turned, twisted
strtr tremble
salo basket
sayol muzzle
sili unknown
slh coffin
slxo warm water
sol wick
souli veil, covering
swl dissipate, pervert
slifi lung
solf sieve
swlp break, burst
swlp break, cut off
sleplip unknown, part of a snake
sloplep tear asunder
selepin spleen
selepin little finger
sala0eie tall (man)
salouki fish "petrocephalus"
silouki unknown
slij state of being on edge
swlk cleave, adhere
swlq smear, wipe, obliterate
sloqlq become soft; soften, smooth
sloqlq be, make smooth; smoothness
solsl adornment, appearance, capacity
solsl be comforted, encouraged
solsl comfort
slaate stumble, slip
slatlet slip, stumbling
silil gleam?
slwl unknown
souoloul wrap
swlale unknown
selilen vulture
swlm boil?
sa4em sink and pluck
saein physician
sannex grasshopper
saxne provide, supply; provision
shne granary, bin
sim grass, fodder
sine ploughshare
sine pass by, through
sine pass through, across
siooun bath
sma unknown, related to oil
smau temples, eyelids
smax bunch (of fruit, etc.)
smex herb
smh voice
smme appeal, make application
smou bless, praise
snau two
snhu brother (plu.)
somx axle
son brother
soone robber
sooun know
souen value, price
swm subdue, press, pound
swne daughter
swnx be bound, fettered
swwn unknown
swxm sink, fall down
swxm cause to fall, overwhelm, press down
swxm pluck, draw
swxne bring near
sxime woman
sambexi testicles
sinaxbi ingredient in boiling cauldron
snof blood
snouf last year
saan0 make live, be alive
saan0 nourish, rear, tend
sanis doubt
smas unknown, a marble object
smij unknown, among metal utensils
snkou unknown
soms look, behold
swnk suck
simsim sesame
snsn resound
samace cisern, tank
samit fine flour
samnt a pool, tank
sanmt unknown
smot form, character, likeness, pattern
snat fear
snte foundation
somte unknown
sonte resin
swmt be stretched, wait
swnt be created
swnt custom
swnt look, behold
semxem unknown, devastate?
smine be established, set right
smine establish, construct, set right
smoune Nile goose
snaein stroll, wander, skip
snhini irrigation machine
soumani sexual organs, parts
samaxhr fennel
samr unknown
smour moustache
sa r man
siour eunuch
sir butter, first milk
sir hair, line, stripe
sir jar
soure thorn, spike, dart
srax example
sro ram
swr scatter, spread
swxr sweep
sarapoi unknown, with myrtle, olive oil
sarfe vine, twig
serp unknown, mixed with white lead
sirefe scab
sorp unknown
sraf wound, sore
srfe at leisure, unoccupied
sarpot lotus
ser2wt insect(?) depositing worm in sheep
srebroube handfuls
srofref fall, wither
sarouki one bald on temples
swrj unknown, …with iron knife
saraqwou0 hare
sarakwte wanderer, vagrant
sarqatse flatus ventris
sorsr spread abroad, display
sort wool of sheep, goat
sourot myrobalan
srit glean
sorm dregs (of wine, oils, etc.)
sraxme unknown, occupation?
srnx eyebrow
swrm go astray, err, be lost
swrm lead astray, lose
sromrem force, admonish
sromrm be obscured, dazed
sromrm daze, bemuse
ta on…side of, toward
ta- possessive pronoun and article (f)
ta(o)uo send
ta(o)uo put forth, produce
taai spot
taeio honor, pay respect to, adorn
taeio honored, excellent, precious (qual.)
tai here (adv.)
tai demonstrative pronoun absolute (f)
tai this (demonstrative pronoun)
taie part
taue name?
tax unknown, in account
taxo make to stand, set up
taxo attain, be able
te it is, there are
th time, season
th underworld
th there
thu wind
ti4i crane
to land, earth
toe part, share
toe spot
toou mountain
toou buy
tooue shoe
tou remove, wean
toua door-post
toueih mountain
touo show, teach; learn
touw bosom
touxo add
twx chaff
twx be mixed, disturbed, clouded; mix, stir
txio make fall, bring down
txo make, be bad
taf spittle
tafe unknown
taibe chest, coffin, pouch
tap horn
tap cumin
tba ten thousand
tbai- upon (his) mountain-title of Anubis
tbbe seal
tbbo become, be pure
tbbo make pure, purify
tebi obole (coin)
tebi strip, bandage (of linen)
tepi strip
thhbe finger
thhbe chest
toobf seal
top edge, end, border of garment
toubo unknown, contract with sailor?
tpe upper part, heaven
tpe above, over, up
tw(w)p be accustomed, familiar
tw(w)p accustom
twb seal, repay
twbe name of 5th month
twbx pray, entreat
twbx entreat, console
twp stitch, stop, caulk
twp unknown
twpe taste
twwbe brick, adobe
twwbe seal
twwbe repay, requite
twxb moisten, soak
txpo cause to reach, bring back, accompany
toobef foliage
tapouw0 stitch, stop, caulk
tbko send
tebs seal
toobes seal
twbs be pricked, incited
twbs goad, incite
tabt unknown
tapit unknown
tapt unknown, chew?
tbt fish
thbt fish
tobtb from, compound, invent
tbhl fold (?), for sheep
tble a plant
tbnh beast, domestic animal
tabir sanctuary
tapro mouth
tbhr blow with foot, kick
t0a send
t0ouio make dry, parch
ta0 grain, herb?
ta0o increase, multiply
tajo judge, condemn
tak be strong (sf.)
tako destroy, lose, perish, be lost, etc
takouw throw
taq lump, piece, cake
taq unknown, in dating epitaphs
taqse foot-sole, foot-print
taso make light
tis give, pay, send?
tja make to rise, appear(?), hence triumph
to(e)is piece, rag of cloth
to0 border, limit
tok knife, razor
toqe kindle
toujo make whole, save
toujo be safe, saved
tqa unknown, name?
tqa make ugly, disgrace, condemn
tqa be disgraced, condemned
tqaeio condemn, to condemn
tqo plant
ts unknown
ts(e)io make satisfied, sate
tsa(e)io make beautiful
tso give, to drink, slake
tw0 be boundary, be fixed
tw0 be moderate; limit, determine, appoint
twj kindle
twk be strong, firm, thick
twk strengthen, confirm, stiffen
twk throw, cast
twk kindle fire; stoke, heat oven
twk stoke, heat; bake
twk0 unknown
twks pierce, bite, be pierced
twks pierced, goad
twq bake
twq be fixed, joined, join, attain
twqe throw
twqe to plant
twqs pierce
tws become, be hard, stiff, dry
tws stretch out, stiffen
twwqe be fixed, joined, join, attain
twwqe join, attain
twxs anoint
tsabo make wise, teach, show
tsbko make small, diminish
ta0eoei0 proclaim, preach
tkas pain
twqs bleach, dye
takto put, go around
tsto bring, pay back, repeat
tsto make to return, turn
tsto disqualify, annul
toqtq press firmly
tosts be sprinkled, grow hard?
tsoutsou unknown
t0mo make small, diminish
t5no bring near
tsano adorn, set in order, provide
twkm pluck, draw, drag
twqn push, repel
thqmes caster oil plant
ta0r unknown
tajro make strong, firm, fast
tajro be strengthened, decided
tasr unknown
tkour speed
taate shine
taate clap hands, shake, spread
tatxo impede, restrain
taxt lead
taxtx mix, confuse
teute unknown
toeit mourn
toot hand
toote turn back
tooute be gathered, collected
tooute gather, collect
touwt idol, pillar
tto make give, require
tw etw unknown, prepositional phrase as intej.
twt be joined, persuaded, agreeable
twte border, fringe (of garment)
thtf unknown, object made or sold
twts bleach
tal heap, hillock
talo lift, offer up, set on (beast, ship)
talo go up, mount, go aboard
tlh drip, let drop
tlw unknown
toile rise
twili unknown
twli hand
telfi lizard
twlp sew
talqo make to cease, heal
twlk pluck out
twls be fixed, sunk
tloklek unknown
tltl drip, let drop
telhl rejoice; joy
tlol unknown
tloule unknown, among bronze
tlom unknown
tlom furrow
twlm be defiled
taeim help
tam unknown
tamio make, create
tamo tell, inform
tano make
tanxo make, keep alive; be alive
taxno hinder
texne forehead
then dam, dyke
tma justify, praise
tma be justified
tmaeio justify
tme village
tmh mat of reed
tmmo nourish
tmxo set on fire, kindle
tn- hand
tnau hour
tnno pound, tread down
tnno be beaten, trodden
tnnoou send
tno bring nigh
tnx wing of birds, angels, etc
tom mat of reeds
tonw strike
toome unknown
touno make to open
twm shut mouth, door
twm be sharp
twn where?
twn dispute, quarrel
twnou very, greatly, certainly
twoun arise; raise, carry
twwme join
twwme purse, wallet
twxm knock (on door); summon
twxm urge, pursue, chase
twxm calling
twxn call, invite
txno make to approach, hire
txmef box, basket, beehive
tounos wake, raise
ts(e)nko give suck
twmes purse
twms bury
twn0 threaten
tanxout trust, believe
toumt utensil of bronze
twmnt meet and be amazed
twmnt to meet, befall
twmt meet, befall
twmt be amazed, stupefied
twmT to meet, befall
temcam mule
tmtm be heavy, oppressed
tontn be like, liken to
tontn estimate, speculate
tontn throw
twmNt to meet, befall
tar branch, point
tarei unknown, among church properties
ter-C220m unknown
thr all, whole, every
toure unknown
tra extremity of limbs
trax confusion
tre kite
tre an implement or part of mechanism
tre- part
tro cause to do
tro upset, transgress
trre be afraid
twr be joined with
twr4 unknown, smear, annoint?
twre willow
twre hand
twrx be keen, alert, sober, upright
trap among metal utensils
trop blow?
twrp seize, rob
twrp sew, stitch
terpose baked brick
trbhin papyrus plant
troprep unknown
tar0o increase, multiply
tarko make to swear, adjure, entreat
twr0 be red
txr0o make heavy, terrify
terqij unknown, bench?
twrt staircase
tertwri hand
tortr thrust in, pierce
trim clover
trouan cheese
trwm hurricane
traxrex unknown
trir oven
ou what, who?
ou great
ou what, who?
oua one
oua blasphemy
oua unknown, child?
oua one, someone
oua permit, grant?
ouaa alone, self
ouaxe oasis
oue be distant; far reaching
ouhi indeed, verily
ouixe be bitter, sharp
ouo rush, course
ouoei woe!
ouoeie farmer
ouoeie husbandman, cultivator of fields, vines
ouoi woe!
ouox and
ouw cease; already
ouw news, report
ouw blossom, sprout
ouw cease, stay, finish
ouw news, report
ouw bud, blossom
ouwx put, set, dwell in, follow
ouwx put, set, be (there)
ouwx interpret
ouwxe fisher
ouaab pure, holy
ouaibe unknown
oube- opposite, toward, against
ouhhb priest
ouof lung
ouop be pure, innocent
ouaxbef bark, growl of dog
ou2aji liver
ouba0 become, be white
ou0h night
ouak unknown
ouaqe blow
oue0 gap
oue0e unknown, on face and body of runners
oueike unknown
oueise saw
ouexsoi beam
ouhh0 unknown, an office or occupation
oujai salvation
oujai be whole, safe, sound
ouo(o)qe jaw, cheek
ouoei0 time, occasion
ouoei0e unknown
ouoji bend, twist
ouoki dregs of sesame (in oil press)
ououke break, nip
ous bald person
ouw(w)0e consume by burning
ouw(w)je cutting, cut
ouw0 desire, to wish
ouw0 desire, love
ouw0 cleft, gap
ouw0s become, be broad, at ease
ouwqs collect contribution
ouws part of snake
ou0ap loan
oua0f desire
ouw0b answer
ouw0b answer
ouw0f be worn down, crushed, perish
ouwqp break, be broken
ouwsf annul, bring to naught
ouwsf be idle, brought to naught
ouwsf leave idle, barren, annul
ousabin fennel
ouo0oue0 strike, thresh
ouoqoueq chew, crush
ouw0t worship
ouw0t ship, greet, kiss
ouostn become, make broad
ouostn broaden
oue0n without
ouexsaxne command
ousxm answer, reply
ouw0m knead, bruise
oua0er unknown
ouosr oar
ou(w)wte send
ouaat alone, self
oueit place or machine where ass works
oueite waste away, dry up
ouhout cease
ouhte lightning, calamity?
ouhte remit, abandon
ouoeit pillar
ouoote be raw
outax fruit
outax unknown
oute- between, among
ouwt be raw, fresh, green
ouwt single, alone, any, one and same
ouwt it is different
ouwt fat
ouwtx pour liquid, cast in mould, draw water
ouwtx tie
ouwtb change (place), be changed
ouwtb pass through, remove
ouotps unknown, claim
ouwtn pour
oual nest
ouel mucus of nose
oulai a plant
oulle melody, music
ouwwle be well off, flourish
oulpe hollowplace?
ouwlp unknown, implies damaging action
ouwls lean, be bent, be confounded
ouelouele yelp, howl
oualme unknown
ouhlm object belonging to a washerman or dyer
ouan dyke
ouein water-channel
oueine pass by
oun there is, are
ounou hour
ouoein light
ouon someone, something
ouon have
ouon someone, something
ouw(w)me be loosed, dissolved
ouwini harp
ouwm eat, bite
ouwn open, to open, be open
ouwn part (in composition with a numeral)
ouwn open, be open
ouwn part
ouwn chew
ouwnx show, manifest, appear
ouwnx reveal, be revealed
ouwxm repeat, answer, do again
ounof rejoice, joy, gladness
ouomf manger
ouwn0 wolf
ou(e)nt deep, hollow place, hold of ship
oumot become, be thick
ount have
ounta have, to have
ounte have, to have
ouwmt be swollen
ou(e)eienin Greek
ounam right hand
oueire unknown
ouhr great, how great, many, much?
ouhr great, only in name
ouore unknown
our- among harness neck or yoke strap
ourw bean
ouwr unknown
ouwrx be open, free
ouxor dog
ouwrp send; send to
ou(e)r0e watch, watch tower
ouras staff, crutch
ouris plant
ouor0f unknown, spread, paved with stone?
ouerhte foot
ourot be glad, eager, ready
ourt rose
yaf unknown, in account of barley
yift a plant pulicaria
yos vomiting
yakkamau small night owl
yathr compass for measuring
yelyaywf tumor
yelmi unknown, something noxious?
ylomlem crown
youain marble
ywns stink
yansrwf name of a field pest
yhre ploughshare
ywr destroy
yareb lowly, abased
yrobi sickle
yarouki lizard
yarwji mallet, among fuller's tools
yro0 slap
yrw0 wrinkle
yeryem among diseases
yrim desert edge
yrwouni tree
2ai this (demonstrative pronoun)
2e4 break
2e4 melon
2ih sprout, blossom
2w4i shark
2is nine
2wji a fish
2as2es wiles
2el bean
2w4en covering, roofing planks
2onpen overflow
2wnj throw, destroy
2w4er charm, bewitch
2orper open, loosen
2ors break up?
2wrk pallium
2ermoou recipes
0e necessary, it is fitting
w great
w O!
w great
wou be long
ww conceive (child)
wx woe!
wxe stand, stay, wait
wxi bellows
0wp take, to take
0wp buy, to buy
0wp suffer
wf lettuce
wfe press
wp count, esteem; number, reckon
wb0 forget, be forgotten; sleep
wpi0 broad, river-bed
wbt be laden
wbt goose
wft be worn, eaten away
wft goose
wib+ change
0abol end, to the end, forever
0beer friend, comrade (plu.)
0bRRxwb worker, fellow worker
0brxmxal fellow servant
0bRRxwb worker, fellow worker
00e necessary, it is fitting
0ou0o boasting, pride
w0 read, to read
w0 cry, announce, sound
w0 promise, vow
w0 intrude self, slip in
w0i rain
wj thief
wk be content
wk go in, sink
wsk delay, continue, be prolonged
wsq smear, anoint
wxs reap, to reap
wxs harvest
wqb become, be cold, frozen
wqb(e)r become hard, stiff, freeze
w0+ drag, flow, crawl
wqt choke, throttle
w0m be quenched, dried up,
wjn cease, perish
wjn make cease, destroy
wkm be dark, gloomy, changed, darken, alter
0oueit empty, vain
w4t drip, trickle
wt fat
wtx tie, sew, weave
wtx pour
wtp shut, enclose, imprison
wtp be laden
wtp load
0tekwou prison (plu.)
0tortr troubled, be disturbed
wli striking, blow
wlk become, be bent
wl(e)m clasp, embrace, entwine
0ime woman, wife
0nhu net (plu.)
wne stone
wnx live
wmj wean
wmk swallow
wms be sunk, submerged
wms sink, dip
wn0 be astonished, dazed
wnk leap
0nxth compassion, to have compassion on
wnt be pinched, contracted
0aro toward, to
0ere son, daughter, child
wr be enclosed, apart, quiet
wr restrict, surround
0orep first, earliest
wreb detest, abominate, defile
wrf be enclosed
wrban box tree
wr0 be cold
wrj be firm, secure, fastened
wrj confirm, fasten, imprison
wrk swear (an oath)
0- know, so be able, permitted
0a begin
0a rise (of sun)
0a nose
0a unknown
0a festival
0a (in swearing)
0a thousand
0a- to, toward
0a- begin
0ai fortune, fate
0ai new
0ai unknown
0ai rise, nose
0aiwou nose
0au use, value
0au measure, extent
0au trunk, stump, piece
0au male cat
0ax unknown
0ax flame, fire
0e piercing wood, splinter
0e by
0e go
0e wood
0e hundred
0e small bronze coin
0e sow
0e strike
0e nose
0e rise
0eei go and come; be carried to and fro
0eeu unknown
0ei unknown
0eu unknown, know?
0h wood
0hi pit, cistern
0hi temples
0hue altar
0i measure, weight
0i unknown
0iai be long
0iw pot
0o thousand
0o yea
0o bran
0oi arise
0oou incense, perfume
0oou unknown
0ooue be dry
0ou unknown, ingrediant of poison
0ou without
0ou use
0ou sand
0ouh persea tree
0ouo flow, pour, discharge
0ouo a vessal holding corn
0ouou sand
0w sand
0w a disease
0wi what is high, above
0wi genital organs
5ae rise, feast
5ae last thing
5au incense
5e wood, manner
5ei belly
5o road, path
5o thousand
0aab skin
0af unknown, waste, unwatered land
0af mighty (epithet of Michael)
0afe swell
0afe desert
0ap marriage gift
0ba change
0be seventy
0be persea
0be majestic
0bw tale and measure
0ebe swell
0fw tale, fable
0fw measure of length
0fw tomb
0hbe rust
0hbe scale
0hfi be used, consumed
0hp unknown
0ibe change, be changed
0ibe rust
0ife cardamum
0ipa a land measure
0ipe be ashamed, shame, make ashamed
0iyf unknown
0op palm, finger breadth
0op sole of foot
0ouwbe throat
0wb shave, clip
0wbe gourd
0wbx be scorched, withered
0wf be desert, laid waste, destroyed
0wf shave
0wp receive, contain, take, suffer
0wp moment, instant
0wp shave
0wp silver object
0wpe become, befall
0wpe cucumber, gourd
0wxb be withered, scorched
0ap0i noble, distinguished
0b0i a thing different?
0eboi0 term of abuse
0epa0 unknown
0wp0 arm, foreleg (of animals)
0ob0eb sharpen, incite
0of0f unknown, spread, burrow?
0op0op a plant
0op0p take in the arms, nurse
0bwt rod, staff
0wbt change, be changed
0wft stumble, err
0wft commit error, err
0wft hollow of hand, handful
0bin grain
0bin part of sheep's intestine
0bnne unknown
0bwn kind of herb, cereal
0ponou girl?
0afour a fish
0bhr friend, comrade
0phre wonder, amazement
00e it is fitting, right
00hou coriander
00wou desire, yearn for, conceive
0a0 strike
0a0 unknown, among parts of buildings
0a0 a vessal or liquid measure
0a0 stomach
0a0[pe] stomach
0a0e unknown
0a0i strike
0aeis a measure
0ai0 pair
0aje speak, say
0ax0ex be harsh, rough, hardy
0e0i unknown
0ike dig, gravedigger
0je locust
0je sprig
0jhi common talk, gossip
0o0 kind of antelope
0o0ou pot, jar
0oei0 dust
0oi0 unknown
0ou0 unknown
0ou0ou boast, pride oneself
0ou0ou scatter and make equal
0ou0xh unknown, found in house
0qe unknown
0s- strike
0w0 scatter, spread
0w0 make equal, level, straight
0w0 twist rope
0w0 be despised
0wje contend, wrestle
0wk dig, be deep dug; depth
0wke unknown
0wkx dig deep
0ws herd, shepherd; be despised
0ws be despised
0wwqe smite, wound, be wounded
0xiq dust
5ououk scrape
5w5 scatter and make equal
5wk gird
0a0f twist
0jap slap
0qap cry, sound
0w0f be despised
0wjp be over and above, remain over
0wjp leave over, behind
5w0f be broken, destroyed
5w0f be despised
5wsf be despised
0kak cry, shout
0ok0ek dig, pick, hollow
0ok0ek hiss
0ousoou0e sacrifice, offering
0qaqe be smitten
0s0 unknown
0wkas a measure
0e0ote unknown
0e0t unknown
0jit dyer
0jwt unknown, strip, cord?
0kw+ unknown, among weaver's implements
0o0t hindrance, impediment
0ou0ht herb eaten by sheep
0ou0t window
0ou0its whistling, hissing
55twr0 rust, red blight
0jal unknown
0jil unknown
0kil curl of hair
0kol hole
0klkel gnashing, grinding of teeth
0a0ni reach, obtain
0i0em phantom, shadow
0isme statue, idol
0jhn garlic
0ojne take counsel, consider; concerning
0qin unknown, among metal objects
0sne on a sudden; stroke of time
0w0en lily
0wsm unknown
5ajn head
0osmes fatigue
0s nl piercing blow, steab
0qnhn strive, contend
0oukre a plant
0qor rent, hire
0+t weaver
0ce mast
0cex street
0ht hundred
0hte palm fibre
0i+ leap, gush
0ite demand, extort
0oeit be inspired, possessed, frenzied
0oout unknown
0ot pillow, cushion, bag?
0ta unknown, in boundaries
0ta thicket, wood
0ta in place name
0te ship's mast
0te nest
0te unknown
0te- strike
0wt unknown
0wt trader, merchant
0wt in name of plant Jupiter
0wte well, cistern, pit
0wte flour, dough
0wwt cut, slay
0wwt be cut short, want, lack
5aeite garment
5ate pluck out (?) feathers
5it threshing floor
0wtb muzzle
0wtp hasten
0hts a plant
0its land tortoise
0oouts unknown, measure?
0teko prison
0ot0t cut, carve, hollow
0cwt rope of palm-fibre
0ta+ edge, border of garment
0thit unknown
0touht accusation
0acwl ichneumon
0atila bag
0toli hand
0toul hook
0thn garment, tunic
0wtm shut, be shut
0atoontf kind of ship, freighted with grain
0cwri hand
0twre hand
0atrpe cut, slay
0otref falcon
0tortr be disturbed, troubled, in haste
0al myrrh
0aliou an administrator, official
0aloou water wheel?
0aol an implement
0axl something used as fuel
0eel skin
0il unknown
0lh creep
0lx twig, shoot
0ol molar tooth, tusk
0ol bundle
0wl despoil
0wl flow
0wlx make, impress, mark, trace line
5el servant
5wl despoil and flow
0elbe unknown, veil?
0lof shame, disgrace
0lop strand of cord
0olf unknown
0wlpi warp
0loplp unknown, thread, cord?
0alouki wasp
0lak among metal utensils
0ols despoil
0olxs corpse
0wlk weave, stitch
0wlq cut
0lkht unknown
0ala0il unknown
0l0il unripe, sour grapes
0l0ol unknown, place name
0ol0l shake in sieve
0lqom mustard, rape
04elt what is excessive, exudes, pus
0eleet bride, marriage
0lxit a title
0lhl pray; prayer
0lol folk, people
0laein cress
0wlm smell
0wlm unknown
0wlme draw forth
0alanos among metal implements
0olmes gnat
0lemlem breed
0an or
0an- heart
0axm ingredient in recipe
0en- wood
0ennox wood
0euni barn
0hm small person, thing, quantity
0hm sign, omen
0hn tree
0hne among various grains
0ine seek, ask
0ma be light, fine, subtle
0mmo stranger
0mou peg, stake
0na profligate, prodigal
0na waste land
0na unknown
0nau market
0ne net
0nh garden
0oeim row, course
0om father, mother-in-law
0oone be merciful
0wm wash clothes
0wm summer
0wme unknown
0wn unknown
0wne be sick, weak
0wnx deprive
0wwme cliff, precipice
0wwme infra
0wwne exclude, deprive
0(e)nfe scale of fish
0nouf unknown
0wnf join, come together
5noof conceive
0m0e serve, worship
0no0 stink
0ns linen
0ounis black cumin
0wmj pierce
0m0hqe to whisper
0n0wte cushion
5m5el servant
0ante until
0en+ plait
0enht a fish
0ntw sheet, robe of linen
0nxht heart
0omnt three
0onte thorn tree
0onte plait
0wnt plait
0wnt quarrel
0antf nose
0enths louse's egg
0ntaese a measure of wine
0entwli unbleached, raw cloth
0moul unknown
0moun eight
5nan approach
0emhr leaven
0oumare unknown
0aar skin
0aar price
0aare smite
0aire couch, cohabitation
0ar- being small, short
0ari sea of sunrise?
0aro give, command
0axhre in recipes, to turn iron to gold
0hr unknown
0hre son, child
0ire small
0ire leaf of plant
0ourh censer, altar, brazier
0rw unknown, cast forth
0rw menstruation
0wr pile up, make thick; stop up
5aare skin
5ar hard eye
5re food
5re upper part
0arba scorching heat
0wrp be early
0arbwt skin
0arke lack of water, drought
0er0i hilarity, mockery
0r0e unknown, something with camels
0wr0 unknown
0wr0i wrinkle, furrow in skin
0wrj unknown
0or0r upset, overturn
0arouwt skin
0arwt unknown, in list of sheep
0ort awning, veil
0rwt unknown
0wrt be demented
5rharit unknown, place name?
fi bear, carry, take
fo canal, water, conduit
fw hair
fw unknown
fw unknown, as title, nickname
fikoxi among weaver's tools
fikoxi cylinder on which stuff is rolled; knife
fojsi leap, dance
foqs leap, dance
fwqe leap, move hastily
fwqe pluck, seize, rob
fwsi chisel, knife
ftoou four
fw+a hind part of body
fwte wipe, wipe off, obliterate
fwte sweat
fotsi leap, dance
fwts unknown, be broad
fnt worm
fre seed
forfer fall, rush down
4a heel, mark of heel
4a- particle of apposition before pron or art.
4a4 neck
4ai nitre
4ai breath of nose
4ai ship's pole, boat hook
4ai mast, fan
4e woof
4hi sun
4w4 tighten, strengthen
4ws unknown
4wt unknown
4wt cloth, change of raiment
4wl be hoarse
4ellot raving, wady
4eni quarrel
4ems as title
4om4em be crushed, broken, destroyed, break
4airi serpent
4rhi down
4wr destroy
4orps handful
4ort madman
4ro+ child, young
4rw+ jugular veins
xa winnowing fan
xa shade, shadow
xa- under, in, at
xa- from, by reason of, for
xa- in respect of, on behalf of
xa- to, toward
xa(e)io yea, verily, come
xae give, bring upon
xae last thing, end, last
xah an animal?
xai husband
xaoue tailor
xau something due, named with forced labor
xax many, much
xax unknown
xe fall; upon, into (with prep "e")
xe manner
xe ho!
xe hinder part, back in
xe unknown
xe yea
xe- season
xe e find, to find
xeei winnowing fan
xei fall
xh fore part, beginning
xh belly, womb
xh story of house
xh quarry
xh season(?)
xh a supra
xh manner
xhhi fall
xhu profit, usefulness
xi thresh, beat, rub
xi on, at, in
xie rudder
xie road, way (plu.)
xih road, path
xih front
xioi discuss, dispute
xioo on, at
xioo thus, and
xioue be struck, beat, cast
xixh before, in front of
xo pole, mast, weaver's beam
xo face
xo winnowing fan and pole
xo a grain and fodder measure
xoi field
xoi trouble, zeal (?)
xoi heap of grain
xoi bellows
xoo self
xoo also
xoou day
xoou be putrid, so bad, wicked
xooue day
xouo greater part, greatness
xouxe untimely birth
xw suffice, be enough
xw house
xwou rain
xww self, also, for my, his part
xww but, on the other hand
xwx be scraped, itch
xaab unknown, bottom, sediment?
xaabi unknown
xabioui ibis
xabouei wasp
xap judgment, inquest
xape god Apis
xba straits, embarrassment, misfortune
xbbe plough
xbhue thing, work, event (plu.)
xboui serpent (plu.)
xbw covering, tent
xeb what is the matter
xhbe grief, mourning
xhbi unknown
xhbx covering
xibe be low, short
xibwi ibis
xieib lamb
xipaxou behind, after
xob thing
xob work
xob event
xof serpent
xop feast, marriage feast, bride-chamber
xouf vetch, pulse
xoxf article of camel's furniture
xwb send
xwb thing, work, matter, event
xwb there is a matter with
xwb handiwork
xwb do work
xwb horn
xwp be hidden, hide
xwp horn
xwxf hand as measure
xopxp disturbance, excitement
xaibes shadow
xaps needful
xbsw garment
xhbs lamp
xub0 unknown
xwbk prick, incite
xwbs cover, be covered
xwp0 palm-branch
xobst storm
xpot fathom
xwft steal
xwft send forth, eject
xibol outside
xafle(e)le lizard
xboine unknown
xebwwn season
xbour left hand
xfour young fish
xapork saddle, saddle-cloth
xborbr be loosed, fall to pieces, cast forth
xaeis widowhood
xak sober, prudent, mild
xak cobbling tailor
xak unknown
xak gird
xaki among iron
xako magician, wizard
xako unknown
xaqe snare
xas dung (of animals, birds)
xasie drowned (praised person)
xau0 a title, occupation or epithet
xhke a measure of corn
xhqe be disturbed, concerned
xhse unknown
xij(e)n- head
xik magic
xise toil, be troubled, difficult
xise trouble, weary
xise spin
xja vessel or measure
xje eel
xko be hungry
xoi0 title or occupation
xoi0e unknown
xoje malady, chill
xoks scrape
xoou0 abuse, curse
xw(w)ke scrape, scratch
xw(w)ke shave, shear
xw0 be in distress
xwj be in straits
xwj cold
xwje unknown
xwk smite, crush
xws sing, make music
xws thread, cord
xws weakling, coward
xws be blocked, filled, covered up
xwse an implement relating to clothing
xwwk gird, brace
xosb market
xw0f break
xwjf unknown, incantation addressed to corpse
xwjp shut
xwkp unknown
xwqb wither, fade, expire
xwqb wither, destroy
xjopjp group, feel (as blind man)
xa0x0 press, oppress, consume
xojxj be distressed, restricted, narrow
xokxk unknown
xa0ht falcon
xikht sober
xouaste a sup
xauqal anchor, hook
xaklf lizard
xoklef camel-saddle
xaj(e)n- head
xaqin scented herb, mint
xijen upon, over
xosm natron
xwkn unknown
xokmes palanquin, litter
x+t onion, beet
xaeit gateway, porch, forecourt
xat silver
xat unknown
xate flow
xate hour
xatxh before, in front of
xch tip
xet heart, mind
xht heart
xht heart, mind
xht north (downstream on Nile)
xht tip, edge
xht beginning, forward
xieit pit
xite move to and fro; rub, whet
xitouw beside, next; neighbor
xiwout fall, destruction
xo(e)ite garment
xo(e)ite hyena
xoch before, in front of
xoout male of men, gods; husband
xot presence (?)
xote fear
xote hour, moment
xote beyond, more than
xoueit first, beginning
xouht passenger on board ship
xout unknown
xta(e)i become, be fat
xtai deceive, mislead, disregard
xth shaft of spear
xto horse
xtoi unknown, a crop?
xtooue dawn, morning
xw+ necessity (it is needful)
xwt sack, bag
xwt make sail, float
xwt sail, to sail
xwte rub, bruise
xwte tribute
xtop fall, destruction
xtop a measure
xwtb kill, slaughter, murder
xwtf nail
xwtp join, attune, be reconciled, sink (sun, stars)
xidjo upon, over
xots vessel or measure
xitoot through, by, from
xotxt inquire, examine
xa+l humble, lowly (?)
xataile an eye disease
xatloou unknown
xatme a vessal or measure
xatn beside, at, with
xiten through, by, from
xitoun beside, next; neighbor
xooutn road, highway
xotn unknown, in mercantile record
xouten as epithet of beauty
xtomtm be darkened; darken
xacwr name of 3rd month
xathr hammar
xtor necessity, constraint
xtwwr horse (plu.)
xwt(e)r be joined, doubled
xal deceive
xal servant, slave
xal unknown
xala unknown
xale in place names
xalh miserly person