FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


  1. The e-mails coming in Coptic should be sent in HTML format (not an attachment it is just the type of sending should be present in the settings of the email or asked about before sending) so if the sender forgot to do so they will appear in latin letters e.g. "xere nwten na`2f3r" for chere noaten naeshfeer.
  2. If the message appeared in latin words (which we do not use in e-mailing in Coptic we use Coptic fonts directly) it means either -The receiver does not have the Coptic font needed to read this message. -The sender did not send it in HTML format so it was sent as a plain text.
  3. If you have the Coptic fonts needed select the Coptic you received in latin letters by mouse (drag on it to make them appear in black or blue) from Edit click on Copy. Open another program, e.g. Microsoft word just when you click on edit/ paste the the text copied from the e-mail program will be pasted change the font from above to either avva-shenouda if the latin words contain numbers(avva-shenouda uses numbers as coptic letters e.g. 2 3 4 5 as shy, eeta, fy and tee respectively . or Athansius if you found [ ] ' ; for it uses theses mark as ksy, shy, khy and tee respectively.
  4. If you do not have coptic fonts, you can download coptic fonts from the RemEnKimi Coptic culture web site http://www.geocities.com/remenkimi/ The fonts we use are avva-shenouda, and athanasius, occasionally some people may use antonious or pishoi, so if you downloaded the first 2 fonts you'll be able to read 95% approx. of e-mails in Coptic. Another place to go is the egroups.
    May be egroups, will ask you at first to write your e-mail and you password, do not panic there is an option of forgot password use it type your e-mail address, egroups will send you an e-mail containing a registration number. You then type the number in a place and choose yourself a password that is different from the reauthoriation number. The go to my groups select RemEnKimi go to files (on the left) go to the folder of Coptic fonts download avva-shenouda font file coptic.ttf and athanasius font file copticathanasius.ttf or at__0.ttf there are other many fonts if you like to have a collection of fonts in RemEnKimi Other web sites for other Coptic fonts http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/lang/Coptic.html

  5. http://babel.uoregon.edu/yamada.html


To write in Coptic you have to have a POP mail account as that of yahoo.com i.e. you can type the message, read your messages while you're off-line.

  1. If you're e-mail is a POP e.g. coptic@yahoo.com set it on outlook, outlook express, or netscape messenger (the setup is present in the e-mail setting page requires stmp in going and outgoing mail servers. They're surely present. Then when you want to type a message in Coptic choose fonts /others and choose the coptic font you like.
  2. If you're mail is not a POP one e.g. coptic@hotmail.com you will write a message in notepad or microsoft word and attach it (by the icon containing a nail "dabboos") to your message and send. Or change your e-mail to a POP one.
  3. While sending ensure that you e-mail software send it as HTML from setting or it will ask you whether to send it as a plain text or HTML choose HTML only. Anyway, the style you choose to write in Coptic is accepted by all of us an attachment seems to be a very good effective idea to those having problems with setup and we all accept this method so try it. We love reading in Coptic and learning from each other.