Special Acknowledgments

Following are people who contributed with great devotion to enrich the Remenkimi web site. They spent long hours of typing in Coptic along with friends and colleagues and did put their skills and knowledge in order to compile Coptic literature and make the Remenkimi Web Site acquire it's actual serious and scholastic aspect. Words would not be able to express our gratitude to provide this material not only for us but for all people on the internet.

Adeeb Makar contibuted with a great share of the Psalmodia and doxologies

Fakhry Sadek Gerges contributed with many books of the Bible as well as many Literary Heritage texts

George Adel Andrawes built a domain name for the Remenkimi web site

George Ghaly contributed with the books of Genesis and 1 Peter available on the Bible Section

Sinout Delwar Shenouda provided us with St Basil Liturgy as well as it's prelude