Shortcut to discussion in Coptic Language
Dear friends, in the following table I gathered all words that came in our first letters in the Coptic discussion list. With this page only, you should be able to write and understand most of the postings that have came through. You may print it and keep it for daily use. You can also try to write your own posting.
Best of luck, Shenouda Mamdouh
@l3l pray fwten Yours
e0naamoni sheperd gw Poetry
`2f3r friends (masculin) c3ini Physician
`2feri friends (feminin) emi love
5(twbh I ask kahi earth
5ho I ask `cno4 blood
ovno4  ra2i  0el3l rejoice cagi talk
ovw2 want hotan whenever
w2 read rompi year
`cqai write ehoov day
erna25 help 5nov now
areh keep `nxwlem always
gwnt  aripirazin try 2ini ask
gont   `mbon get angry no4ri beautiful
hogheg trouble, distress pwb2 forget
`ecovwn  tamoi know cekovelle play
gov2t ebol wait si`cbw learn
xama `mmoi pardon me xaki dark
2em23gi apologize 2wp receive
ini introduce tag CD
beri new 2wpi remain
si22wov wish ari`hmot please
ovog fine xw n3i allow me
gin0wov5 gather, gathering gemgom can
wnq live gom strength
kwt build aiock I am late
movn continue nvmfioc fiance
2ov2ov proud 0whem `mmoi invite me
`mm3ni always ovom eat

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