English/Coptic Lexicon
about ha
allow me xw n3i
always `mm3ni.. `nxwlem
angry (don't be angry) `mpergwnt
answer erovw
apologize 2em23gi
appear ovonh4
arm 2wb2
around `mkw5
ask twbh
ask 3ini
at once (now) `n5ovnov
beard mort
beautiful no4ri
beg (I beg you) 55ho erok
big ovni25
blood `cno4
Bravo Miok.. Miok.. Miwten
build kwt
By the way hi`fmevi
Bye ovgai
calm down (fem.) heri `mmo
calm down (masc.) heri `mmok
can gemgom
carry aliov`i
CD tag
cheek ovogi
chin mort
city baki
close the door ma`20am `m`fro
cold (I feel cold) 5k3b
collar bone koria
congratulations hanra2inem
continue movn
dark xaki
day ehoov
difficult ovna25
dream racov`i
drink cw
earth kahi
eat ovom
elbow kwi
eye bal
eyebrow `mge
eyelashes 4wi `mbovhi
eyelid bovhi
eyepupil iorh
fear erho5
fight mi2i
finance nvmfioc
find him gem4
fine ovog
Fine (I am fine) 5ovog
finger t3b
finger tips teb
finnished a4k3n
finnished(m), finnished(f) akk3n-arek3n
fire `xrwm
forbidden tahn3ovt
forget pwb2
friend (feminin) `2feri
friend (masculin) `2f3r
garden swm
gather, gathering gin0wov5
get angry gont
Good evening nane rovhi
Good morning nane toov`i
Good night nane egwrh
Good noon nane meri
gratte qwq
grow aiai
hair 4wi
hand gig
happy (I am happy) 5ra2i
happy feast ho4ri 2ai
he went a42ena4
head afe
head afe
help erna25
Hi no4ri
hope (I hope) 5erhelpic
Hope (ya rait) amoi
hot (I feel hot) 5q3m
house p3i
hundred years 2e `nrompi
Hungry (I am hungry) 5hoker
I am used to say the truth 2ai ge me0m3i
I called aimov5
immediately `n5ovnov
index finger re4swrem
introduce ini
invite me 0whem `mmoi
keep areh
know `ecovwn
lastly `e`pqa`e
late (I am late) aiwck
laugh cwbi
learn si`cbw
Leave it to God's care xac higen `fnov5
lesson `cbw
little finger celepin
live wnq
looking for (I am looking for) 5kw5 `nca
love emi
lower your voice ma 0ebio `ntek `cm3 - ma0ebio `nte`cm3
middle finger `0m35
moustache `cmovr
mouth rw
N.B. ma`h03k `ncai`e
n.b. hi `fmevi
nail leb
nearly qen ovqwnt
neck qaq
new beri
nice, fine, good nanec
night gwrh
normal remkahc
normal remkahc
nose 2ai
now 5nov
Now at once catot
on me egwi
open ovwn
open the door aovwn `m`fro
pardon me xw n3i ebol
permit me to.. xac n3i `nta..
physician c3ini
play cekovelle
please ari`hmot
Poetry gw
pray `2l3l
proud 2ov2ov
quickly `nxwlem
read w2
receive 2wp
rejoice ho
rejoice (you) ra2i `mmok
remain 2wpi
Remark ov5niat4
ring finger ankoki
room ri
sad (I am sad) 5mokh`nh3t
sheperd e0naamoni
shoulder nahbi
sick (I am sick) 52wni
Sick (I am sik) 52wni
sit hemci
sleep `nkot
sleep well enkot kalwc
slowly (m) slowly (f) heri `mmok - heri `mmo
small ovkovgi
sometimes `nhancop
sometimes hancop
sorry (I am sorry) 52em23gi
strenght gom
suddenly ovho5 qen ovho5
sure (I am not sure) eitagr3ovt an
sure (I am sure) eitagr3ovt
take care maiatk
talk cagi
talk cagi
teeth naghi
tell me matamoi
tell me tamoi
temple tehni
Thank you 52ep`hmot `ntotk
Thank you very much 52ep`hmot `ntotk ema2w
Thanks ov2ep`hmot
Thanks to God 52ep`hmot `ntot4 `mF5
thumb finger ini
Tired (I am tired) 5qoci
to, until hina
tongue lac
trouble, distress hogheg
Trust 5xa`h03i
try sont..
upset (be upset) lw2g
urge (I urge you to..) 55ho erok `ntek..
urge (I urge you) 5swrem `mmok
wait gov25 ebol
want ovno4.. Ra2i.. 0el3l
want (what do you want?) `xovw2 `nov
we are happy that we would read your messages tenra2i an2anw2 `nneten`cqai
We are honnored ansitaio
whenever hotan are2an
where are you going ek2enak `e0wn
wish si22wov
without asne
would, O that amoi
write `cqai
year rompi
yes or no ce 2an `mmon
You are welcome (answer to thanks) `mmon `hli
You honnored us ak5taion
Yours fwten