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Other related books
Trisagion, Hail to Thee & the Creed
Before psalms in Matins & Epistle to Ephesians
Verses of the Bell I, II

Matins Doxology for our Lady
Vespers Doxology for our Lady
Midnight Doxology of our Lady
Archangel Michael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangels Michael & Gabriel

St John Baptist
Our fathers the Apostles
Sts Peter & Paul

St Stephen
St George
Prince Theodore of Shotep I, II
St Marina
Sts Barbara & Juliana

St Anthony
St Paul
Sts Anthony & Paul
Pope Severus I, II
St Macarius I
St Macarius II
St Macarius Alexandrian priest
St Macarius Bishop of Kao
St John the Little
Sts Bishoy and Paul of Tamoh
Sts Maximos & Dometios
St Moses the Black I, II
St Castor of Bardanoh I II
St John Kame
Adam & Batos dox. St Demiana
St Isodore I, St Isodore II
St Shenouda the Archmandrite
St Pachome
St Abraam, Bishop of Fayum & Giza

Feasts and Fasts Doxologies
First Tot (new year)
17 Tot & 10 Baramhat (Feast of the Cross)
Kiahk doxologies I, II, III
Kiahk Virgin doxologies IV, V, VI
Kiahk Virgin doxologies VII
Virgin Mary and Annunciation Feast
Nativity Doxology I
Nativity Doxology II
Epiphany Doxology I
Epiphany Doxology II
Cana Wedding Doxology
Entrance to the Temple of Jerusalem
Ninive Fast Doxology
Lent & Kiahk Sundays Doxology
Circumcision Feast
Lazarus Saturday
Conclusion of Doxologies
Lent and departed Doxology
Lent Doxology