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Established in the year 2000, Remenkimi started as a small group of people interested in Coptic Language. Those installed a group on yahoogroups to chat in Coptic as means towards reviving the language. A wealth of material was provided by different members, therefore we thought of building this website to share it with more people and promote learning and reading Coptic. We hope that you would enjoy and benefit from the various material there and we welcome your ideas and suggestions
Would you like to practice the Coptic Egyptian language, you can join the Remenkimi Group, but first you need to install Coptic Fonts so that you may read/write in Coptic.
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In case, you want to view some of the material here on your mobile phone, you can check the RemenkimiWap Site.

Recently Remenkimi celebrated the first ten years of its existence. During those years a wealth of material was composed in Coptic Language. This was recently compiled in the book "Coptic Quill". You can download it for free here.

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Disclaimer: Remenkimi is a non-commercial website aiming for cultural exchange between people interested in Egyptian or Coptic Studies. The views represented in any of the documents/links published here represent only the views of their writers with no obligation on the website owners. Any reproduction of any of the material available on this website must be in direct agreement with the document writer or owner.


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