Kiahk Psalmody 

First: Hymn of Praise of Kiahk Sundays Vespers 
Our Father - Thanksgiving - Psalm 50 
Nonte, Noon, Vespers, Monks Setar Prayer 
After the Gospel and 41 Kyrie eleison, Holy Holy Holy is recited and Psalm 116 and the Fourth Hose. 

Then the cantor, wearing veil, chants the expositions and the hymn O Penshois (O Lord). The priest starts raising incense. Doxologies from the Annual psalmody are sung. 

Sundays Expositions - Mode Batos 

Second: Midnight Praise 
Start of Kiahk Midnight Praise - Mode Adam 
Praise of Easter and 50days and Sundays till the month Hathor 
Kiahk Great Hose 
Adam Psali on the First Hose 

First Hose for the Prophet Moses & Interpretation One 
Interpretation Two 

Psali Adam IV 
Theotokia in Adam Mode - Interpretation II and Adam Exposition 

Psali Adam II - Adam Praise II - Exposition in Adam Mode 
Theotokia in Adam Mode
Psali Adam on the Second Hose 

Second Hose Adam & Interpretation 
Interpretation  Two, Interpretation Three - Adam Exposition
Psalis on the second Hose

Psali Batos III 
Theotokia Batos - Annual and Kiahky Exposition 

Psali Batos II 
Theotokia Batos - Exposition Batos 
Adam Psali on the Third Hose - Three young boys 

Third Hose - Batos 
Batos Psali - Aripsalin 
Greek, Bohairic and Sahidic Piece - Batos Psali - Batos Exposition 
Adam Psali - Comemoration of Virgin Mary, angels, saints and martyrs. 
Commemoration of Saints 
Adam Praise for Sts Maximos and Dometios 
Kiahk Doxologies VI 
Batos Psali - Doxology Batos - Batos Exposition 

Batos Psali III - Theotokia Friday Batos - Batos Exposition III 

Batos Psali III 
Saturday Theotokia in Batos Mode - Batos Exposition 

"Hail to Thee"s 
Batos Psali for Archangel Gabriel before the first "Hail to Thee" 
The First "Hail to Thee" - Exposition 
Batos Psali on the Second "Hail to Thee" 
The Second "Hail to Thee" - Batos Exposition 
Batos Psali - Doxology - Exposition 
Adam Psali on the Fourth Hose III 

Fourth Hose 
Psali 150 - Adam Exposition on the Fourth Hose 

Psali IV - Sunday Theotokia 
First Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Second Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Third Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Fourth Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Fifth Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Sixth Interpretation - Gospel - Theotokia II 
Adam Exposition on the First "Semouti" Mode 
Adam Psali on the second "Semouti" Mode 
Piece from the Theotokia "Semouti" - Exposition on the Second "Semouti" - Batos Psali on the Fourth Interpretation II 
Seventh Interpretation II 
Batos Praise for Virgin Mary II - Part of the first "Semouti" Theotokia 
Greek Piece for Virgin Mary - Adam Exposition - Adam Psali 
Coptic Praise 
Part of the Theotokia - Adam Exposition - Adam Coptic Psali 
Adam Exposition in Coptic 
Psali Adam II - Thine mercies O Lord (by the priest) 
Praise of the Angels 
Conclusion - Kiahk Sundays Final Blessing.